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Much of computer programming today amounts to stringing together library-based functions written by other people. The functions in software libraries are usually well tested. But they are often generalized so that they can be used in many different situations. Efficiency is not the primary goal. This from Techopedia.com: "Bloatware is software that has unnecessary features that use large amounts of memory and RAM. Software comes to be known as bloatware when it becomes so unwieldy that its functionality is drowned out by its useless features."


Add to this a way of thinking: "When uncertain, pour on more resources." Having as many features as possible is supposed to help market software programs. Perhaps it does, but the cost is high -- excess use of memory, slower functioning.


Efficiency is usually learned the hard way -- when resources are in short supply. Visualize learning computer programming on an IBM 1440 (a stepped down IBM 1401) which offers a fabulous grand total random access memory of 4096 bytes to accommodate both the program and the data. One has to miniaturize and get as much as much as possible out of each byte.


The executable program for Marpx Privacy™ is over three million bytes. That for Extreme Encryption™ is over two million. In each case, this is mostly the interface which incorporates large chunks of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The encryption and decryption portions are themselves quite tiny. When you use either product, watch how quickly the completion message appears on the screen, even when encrypting or decrypting a huge file.


Because of our super-efficient design and programming techniques, we believe that you will find our encryption / decryption very quick in comparison to competitive products.


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