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Let's assume you are reading this because your firm has software products, and you want to be aware of what is new and relevant to your firm. One way to look at it: You have products; Marpex Inc. has sizzle. What might come of building Marpex technologies into your offerings?


Example -- email service provider: The customer wants privacy. Get a Marpx Privacy™ library from Marpex. Add an entry box for a key, and a Make Private button. When the button is clicked, the customer's text changes to something like this:

I!ocWq42 mwq1W7.6 vw9MQKLJ 83i82VUL 9K6vAmgx jc.M9S4n yiCVHlUa yS15Bs1J
WCNSkl4s 54hXnGRW DhlELWdd 7HuFPbf4 91Ff2.RQ 1pNEZkG9 Sf.jnMBK 2fjJEDcM
09sETKGX dgt!JEli w9x2DzgP tDyFXLlj tOgmlwm9 B3mKdbVi nAxyXeAt ZJJ5MR.z
If this customer and the recipient of the email have exchanged keys earlier, the recipient of the email simply enters the correct key, clicks a button, and the message shows as plain text.


Example -- cloud-based backup provider: The customer wants to research and discover file content on a PC while the files are archived in the cloud. Not a problem. Build the MarpX precision software compiler into the software that identifies content to be sent to the cloud. Pass the customer a copy of the MarpX research engine. Files are safe in the cloud. Search capability is on the PC, and (by the way) it's secure... the MarpX engine does not need the text. Which brings us to the next suggestion...


Better yet -- Your product plus two Marpex technologies in combination: Whether in email or cloud-based backup or a wide range of software products, two sets of human needs might be satisfied together. Privacy (denial of access to others) and access for oneself (which document did I have that deals with such and such?) are needs that can go together. Satisfy those needs, and suddenly your product has sizzle.


The possibilities are limitless.


If these possibilities are relevant to you and of interest, then email, phone Colonel John Scott, Esq. at 740 275-4505, or write to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438. Thank you.


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