Mining Words for Meaning

Copyright-Protected Search

You may try out either of two copyright-protected books at this site:

  1. Catechism of the Catholic Church 2nd Edition ... (also available at together with other resources).
  2. Faith At Work (C) by Kevin Lowry. Learn more about this example below.

Copyright-protected search enhances the value of any non-fiction printed book or ebook in the following ways.

  1. The process answers a key question for the reader: "Where may I find material about [such and such] in this book?" Example: The night before a marketing test, a student wants content related to cognitive dissonance or buyer's remorse... in five seconds of typing and clicking, there are the best places to look in that volume.
  2. The book can be found by a potential buyer who wants to know of a book that deals with a topic of interest. The result of a search across the full text of tens or hundreds of thousands of books results in seconds in a book list.
  3. The search is simple, yet powerful. Relevance ranking is based on a simple property of language, that meaning is conveyed through words arranged in relation to one another. The closer words are to each other, the more likely they are to be related to one another and hence meaningful together. This powerful relevance ranking applies across even trillions of words.
  4. Security for the publisher is high. In copyright-protected mode, only the headings, page number or ebook location, and the words typed by the user are shown; all else is replaced by xxxx's. In copyright protect plus, even the headings are Xed out. There is a further option to display only the page or location numbers in search results -- less convenient for the customer, but impenetrably secure for the publisher.
  5. Too often, printed books and ebooks have either deficient or non-existent indexes. This may result from tight schedules in the last stages of production. Alternately, the indexing task is laid on the author who may be either too weary or inadequately gifted to carry out the task well. Copyright protected search makes up for any index deficiency and then some, providing access to any combination of words, with high precision and speed.
  6. Copyright-protected search is a marketing tool. Consider giving it away for free. The incentive to buy an ebook or printed book is stronger if the prospect knows that it will be easy to find whatever is wanted.

What does copyright-protected search look like? Here is a result summary from the sample book. Two words were put in, both using an asterisk as a wild card (leader* serv*) to get at variations of leadership and service / servant.

Each result reports a score... one hundred less one for each word in between the first and last word that you want. So the hits most likely to have the meaning you want are nearest the top of the summary list.

The user clicks on a Browse button to see detail about a hit. Here are, first a scan of the printed page, side by side with a portion of the same page reached through a protected search on the two words college dude:


Notice how the lines match across the two versions. The only difference is that a hyphenated word at the end of line is shown entirely on the first of the two lines. The result is that the user can visualize the page layout. When turning to the book or ebook, the eye is drawn directly to where the desired words occur on the page.

In case you are wondering what the sample is, it is Faith at Work, by Kevin Lowry, Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor Inc., 2012. Copies are available in book stores or directly from the author at Why am I so shamelessly pushing my son's book? Because it is a superb book and you deserve a chance to read it!

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