An updated version of MarpX Privacy™ is now available free as a download. If you have a copy of MarpX Privacy™ from before December 8, it is very important that you replace it. Go to the download page for more information.


If you have an earlier copy of MarpX Privacy

It's important to uninstall an earlier copy if you have one already. Press the Start button (usually in the bottom left corner of Windows) and select Control Panel -- Programs and Features. In the list of programs, click on MarpxPrivacy to highlight it. Choose Delete if it's available, otherwise Change -- Delete. Complete the deletion. If you see a warning that a reboot is necessary to complete the deletion, press the Start button and select Restart.


Important: Versions of MarpxPrivacy dated December 8, 2018 and later are not compatible with earlier versions. That's because we changed the key extender library so that people with MarpxPrivacy can communicate with others who have the stronger program MarpxPrivacyPlus. If you were working with a version of MarpX Privacy dated before December 8, 2018, and if you have any encrypted content from that earlier version, you will need to get a special program from us to recover those encrypted files and messages. Write to us at Put no links in your email. Simply tell us that you need a copy of MarpxPrivacyHistorical.exe. We will send you a link. Use the link and put MarpxPrivacyHistorical.exe into the same directory with the new program after it is installed. Use the historical version to decrypt old files and messages. Then delete MarpxPrivacyHistorical.exe. Use the new MarpxPrivacy.exe to re-encrypt any files that you wish to make private.

Installation option # 1 -- Onto a flash drive

Plug in a flash drive. Download MarpxPrivacyZip.exe. Go to the downloads portion of your browser and double click on MarpXPrivacyZip.exe. When asked where you want it installed, browse to your flash drive. Step-by-step instructions and screen shots will follow upon request via the Feedback button above.

Installation option # 2 -- Onto a Windows PC

It's really important to act as administrator when installing to a Personal Computer. Click on MarpxPrivacySetup.exe to launch the download. You are normally given an opportunity to save the file. Do save it. Then find the file wherever it was saved and double click on it, then choose the "Run as administrator option. Step-by-step instructions and screen shots will follow upon request via the Feedback button above.

Installation option # 3 -- Copy from someone else's flash drive

If a friend or co-worker has a flash drive containing a recent copy of the MarpxPrivacy program with all its support files, you can simply copy the MarpxPrivacy directory and its contents onto a flash drive of your own.Here is how to make a copy.


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