Partnering in the Medium Term

Examples of market opportunities suggested in this section are based on our Levels Two through Seven technology. These have been proven in concept on collections of 14,000 books. Implementation on full scale awaits partnering.

Email discovery:

A simple filter is all that is needed to convert email to tagged text format. MarpexInc has some filters to release with source code to a partner. Value can be added through filtering out duplicates and adding links so that one can browse through a thread of related emails. This should be automated to the stage that the end user has full search capability through all accumulated emails received and sent.

Suppose the user is an employee or member of an organization. Then copies of searchable email accumulations might be routinely and automatically gathered. MarpX Level Two and Level Three compilers can aggregate all these individual collections into a single massive set. Our text data mining system can select out emails using certain terms or relating to particular concepts. This is fast, and far less expensive than having teams of lawyers sitting at tables reading emails as part of due process or of an investigation.

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Content aggregators:

Every organization collects data. Access to information within that data is immensely important, whether it is intended for publication or internal use.

All data can be expressed in words. The Information Technology push into big data is in part a recognition that natural language is the one method of expressing data from all the various file types, DBMS arrays, written reports, etc. that make up the knowledge base of an organization.

MarpX offers simplicity combined with precision control and efficiency in both text data mining and straight search. Relevance ranking by closeness of fit and filtering that removes meaningless results assure user satisfaction.

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Support for book selling -- pull strategy:

Under the heading Pull marketing strategy we presented to publishers a method to reduce marketing costs and enhance the potential buyer's sense of control.

Combine this strategy with copyright-protected search of all titles, and the prospect can easily locate the desired book or content. One person looking at a demonstration of copyright-protected search commented: "Amazon would kill for that!"

Contacts and marketing capability are the needs. We are looking for the right partners.

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Internet niche search:

People searching on the Internet have become accustomed to the status quo (Latin for the mess we are in.) We attempt to use conventional search when we are engaged in serious research. Most of us would prefer a dozen or two meaningful results to the Cascading Renditions of All Possibilities dumped upon us.

MarpexInc (the firm) cannot compete with Internet search. It does not have the resources. But we have every reason to believe that MarpX Levels Four through Six could compete when implemented by firms that can crawl the net to select content and marshal enough servers to handle search or data mining traffic.

If you have deep pockets and enthusiasm, join with us to strike a blow for freedom by which is meant the possibilities of intelligent serious research on the Internet.

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