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Licensor / marketer -- Request for proposal:

If your firm has access to a broad swathe of electronic content providers, if it has strengths in IT and customer support, if it has marketing savvy and clout, read on!

Marpex Inc. is a small technology development firm whose products find their genesis in a marketing orientation. But it wishes to retain its development focus rather than morph into a full blown technology licensing firm. We have more innovations coming through the pipeline, and want to increase our speed to market by monetizing broadly the technologies that we have already produced.

Therefore we issue this request for proposal, seeking one firm that can market and communicate effectively to a wide variety of electronic content providers. One mission-critical function is to sell licenses and provide a full range of services in support of licensees.

After you have "kicked the tires" at our web sites, please tell us about your firm and its interests. In a partnering venture, what are your needs? Touch on levels of rights, the length of the exclusivity window, your firm's desire and capacity to partner in development. How would you balance your needs with those of Marpex Inc. to ensure that it is a good deal over time for both parties?

If you believe that cooperation might develop into a thriving partnership, please contact us.

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Search engine provider -- service to research niches:

If you are a major search engine provider, you have access to mountains of data on how your clients go about the search process. No doubt, you have segmented your users extensively, with perhaps eight major categories, and many sub-groups, each with a name and behavioral pattern. Might there be segments that refine their searches repeatedly in order to dig deeper? Might MarpexInc's filtering technology help you to serve these niche markets more effectively?

Clients with targeted needs within high-value data who place high value on their time may be open to pay subscription rates or micropayments. Example: Attorneys and examiners searching through the trove of U.S. patents are inevitably in a hurry. Do they really want 500,000 hits? Might they not prefer a few dozen precision results? Wouldn't they be willing to pay to save their time and boost their confidence that they have accessed the best of the best?

We have what it takes to serve you well. In 1984, Marpex Inc. (on behalf of Reteaco Inc. in Willowdale, Ontario) solved the problem of high speed boolean search using super-compressed bit trees. This recursive method scales upward indefinitely.

Flexible proximity search within large data sets is also a technological challenge. The value of "closeness of fit" proximity search stems from a simple principle that natural language conveys meaning by placing words in relationship to one another. Instances of word combinations 2500 or 250 words apart cannot be reported as a proximate hit (unless the distant words are in a heading). Marpex solved the flexible proximity search issue with its U.S. Patent # 7,433,893 issued in 2008.

To scale effective proximity search into petabyte and beyond data sets, Marpex has developed a variation of its patented "words close together" file which serves as an ultra-high speed filtering device. This brings filtering time down to reasonable levels. The design can satisfy the needs of distributed processing across multiple servers to decrease filtering time even further.

We would love to cooperate with a major search engine provider to accommodate the special needs of your market segments that place a high value on precision results in complex search and/or text data mining. Please get in touch!

Users of search engines: If you want precision filtering to become available, and if you have contacts at the major search providers, please pass along this link.

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