Services to Publishers

Low risk offer -- pilot project

Send us up to 20 of your publications in electronic form. (We commit firmly and publicly not to make this content available to other persons or entities without your express permission.) Include a check for $1000 U.S. We will provide you with:

  • a full text copyright-protected search module for each publication -- a powerful marketing tool;
  • a full text open-distribution search module for each publication, suitable for your internal staff use or for subscription internet access by your customers;
  • a prototype pull-marketing solution; and
  • tactical mentoring for your marketing department.

If you like what you see, we can give you bulk prices for larger collections, ebook versions, and even a comprehensive pull-marketing system for your firm.

Fine print: Send electronic content on a flash drive or portable hard disk to Marpex Inc., 1634 Pershing Avenue, Steubenville OH 43952-1438. The flash drive or hard disk will be returned with the deliverables. For the pilot project, let's stick to English language content, and avoid any requirement for Optical Character Recognition. Should the file formats and/or content be unsuitable for preparation by Marpex Inc. staff, we reserve the right to void and return your check, to return your drive, and to destroy any electronic copies we have made.

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Monetized archives

There is value in the intellectual property held by print publishers. Unfortunately, the value of copyright positions is offset by:

  • potential customers' lack of awareness of your offerings;
  • the costs and risks of holding paper inventory;
  • the cost of new print runs;
  • the cost of marketing push strategies for titles with low volume potential.

To increase the saleability of your archives, we recommend that your archival and current offerings be ported to Marpex Inc.'s patented words close together (WCT) format. These may be used in three ways:

  • promotional copyright-protected modules that may be safely and freely distributed;
  • full search modules for controlled distribution;
  • integration into an Internet-based collection of all your works to provide customers with quick accurate information on titles of interest, plus links to point of purchase.

Setting up past archives together with filtered search modules of all current publications sets the stage for a low cost pull marketing strategy that should increase sales and satisfy customers.

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Pull marketing strategy:

Push strategies are commonly used by publishers and booksellers. They require expensive collection of targeting data combined with ongoing bombardment of the customer base with sales messages. Push marketing is lose - lose. If you target poorly, the prospect is turned off... "Why did they send me that!" If your targeting is consistently accurate, customers worry about how much you know about them personally, and what you might do with that information.

Contrast the user experience in the MarpX "pull" method. The user takes the initiative to go to the web site when there is a felt need (readiness to purchase). By entering a few words and clicking a few times, the user is led to precisely the books and pages that are closest to what the user specified. Links take the user to point of sale, for either print or electronic copies. The user is in control at every step.

Unleash the prospective book buyer with the tools to find what is wanted, and book selling becomes more efficient and less costly. The customer takes the initiative. The customer finds the desired content. The customer comes to the electronic point of sale. The publisher monetizes copyright holdings. Everyone wins.

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Other services:

Ebook versions: A dozen of our ebook products may be seen in the book store at

Back-of-the-book indexing: We do from time to time provide back-of-the-book indexing services, but not on a rush basis. (Quality trumps speed!) Example index: See Clement of Rome and the Didache by Dr. Ken Howell at

Marketing mentor services: We have a retired full professor of marketing on our staff who taught full time for a dozen years at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is also a member of the American Society for Indexing.

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