Home Painting Safety Tips

Painters Woodstock GA may appear safe to use, even if the room is small and you’re using a roller. However, it can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Paint is highly toxic, and it can damage your eyes and skin. The fumes from paint can also be harmful. Using ladders with safety masks, protective glasses and respirators makes painting much safer.

Use the Correct Ladder. If you’re painting, and you have to use a stepladder to reach the area you want to paint, then it is very important that not only do you choose the best ladder but also set it up correctly to prevent any accidents.

Make sure to set your ladder up on a hard, level surface. Get a sheet or plywood and place it under the legs if your are setting up on dirty, soft grass. Make sure you don’t place the ladder too close against a wall. As a general rule, you should place your ladder’s base 1 foot from the wall every 4 feet. You should place your ladder 16 feet up in the air and your base 4 feet from the wall.

Selecting the best ladder is equally important. Instead of using a ladder, you can also use a step stool if your height is only 10 feet and you just want to paint the inside. Make sure you overlap the upper and lower sections of a high ladder to make it sturdy. Make sure that the ladder you use is tall enough to reach whatever it’s leaning on. The ladder should stick out 3 feet above whatever surface you are leaning it on.

Wear Goggles. Although you may think you look silly, it is better to feel that way than having paint in the eye. It will have to be flushed out at the hospital. The clear glasses can work just as well!

It’s Cool to Wear A Disposable Mask. This will prevent you from inhaling dust, paint fumes or other odors.

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