Seven Ways To Awaken Intuition And Activate Your Spiritual Powers

Develop your intuitive abilities to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life. Seven ways are listed below to help you activate and develop your psychic power. These methods will help you break through the mental patterns created by your regular thinking. They are all designed to change your way of thinking and help you find your psychic power. Keep reading to find out more about solomon intuition flow.

1. You can develop a greater awareness of yourself through prayer and meditation. Also, you should have a strong desire to be of service to the Earth and all its inhabitants. Your inner world will amaze you with its richness, and you’ll feel a sense of joy. Explore your inner world with your children or inner-child.

You can begin by focusing on the desire to find the source of your love. Use guided breathing, music, and/or a meditation CD. Relaxation will spread throughout your entire body. As you experience this, you’ll be able to see the true you. As you begin your prayer, thank Spirit for all the good things in your life. Relax and then ask Spirit how you can best serve others and lead a more expansive and elevated life.

2. Easy-to-do crossover exercises will help you build up pathways between your left and right brain halves. Then, cross your left hand across the front of the body. Finally, tap it seven to eight times. Tap the right foot and cross your left hand back over to the front. This time, cross your right hand across the back of the body.

Write, open doors, use your other hand to brush your teeth or hair or write. By opening new pathways to your brain, you can also improve problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

3. Then, increase your awareness for each one of them. The sixth sense is intuition, but it’s not going to work if your five senses have dulled. Five senses can play in our lives. You can mix up all five of your senses. Hold an object. It can be anything, like a cloth, a stone, or even sand. Get close to the object. Look until you are able to see it without your eyes open. You can then ask yourself what it tastes like. Use your imagination. It’s not necessary to actually put it in your mouth.

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