Muscle Pain Treatments: Different Treatments

Cold Therapy: When we talk about cold therapy we do not mean cold laser therapy. This is a similar therapy that is used to relieve muscular pain but it is only available in medical facilities with laser treatment equipment side effects of shrooms.

Cold therapy at home is the application of ice or an ice pack on the injured area to reduce pain. Cold therapy is the exact opposite of hot therapy. Cold therapy reduces inflammation and decreases blood flow. Ice compression should be applied every 2 to 3 hour until the pain is gone. The blood flow can be further reduced by elevating the area. The application of gels such as Biofreeze Gel to relieve pain is best combined with cryotherapy or cold therapy.

Hot Therapy is another common therapy used for muscle injuries in the home and sports. Thermotherapy is another name for it and it is used to increase blood flow in the injured area. Heat therapy increases the extensibility and strength of collagen tissue in the affected area. The therapy can be performed using hot water, heating pad, hot water bag, or hot cloth. Heat therapy is an alternative to pain-relieving creams or gels. It reduces inflammation, and supplies oxygen, protein, and other nutrients which helps the healing process.

Touch Therapy: The popularity of touch therapy can be seen in the proliferation of massage parlors and spas in Canada. You can use Biofreeze gels to treat minor injuries and muscle pains at home. Apply the gel and massage the area.